Our achievements

We're proud of the work we've done, so we thought we would share just a few of the highlights.

Nicholson Street Mall Redevelopment - Stage 1

Client: Maribyrnong City Council (Hassell - Martin Roland)

The mall redevelopment involves major construction improvements to the five-way intersection of Barkly, Hopkins, Nicholson and Droop streets; creation of a new mall north of the intersection through to Byron Street (near Little Saigon); and the complete refurbishment of an existing section of the mall south of the intersection.
Construction works include:

  • Demolition of existing pavements
  • Construction of kerbs/crossings and associated pavement rectification
  • Trafficable pedestrian pavement consisting of unit paving, rubberised pavement and asphalt
  • Architectural precast benches with detailed steel and timber work
  • Feature lighting including LED inground striplights and floodlights
  • Traffic signals, road construction and line marking
  • Electrical work, irrigation, advanced tree planting, signs and installation of tactile ground surface indicators

These works are in an extremely busy retail precinct, requiring extensive pedestrian and traffic management so the project can proceed while providing safe access for traders and the public.
We have liaised and co-operated with numerous organisations including VicRoads, Telstra, Yarra Trams, City West Water, Alinta and three separate bus companies.

Construction of new carpark, FR Smith Drive, Burnley

Client: RMAC Australia (Grogan Richards)

This project required construction of a 100 bay carpark. The project involved bulk earthworks, drainage installation, pavement construction, lighting installation, linemarking, fencing and retaining wall construction.

Frankston Bulky Goods Development, Water & Sewer Reticulation

Client: RMAC Australia (Grogan Richards)

This project required construction of internal sewer and water services for the Frankston Bulky Goods Development site. The project works were complex requiring the construction of 6m deep sewer service alongside a busy and major carriageway with 3 lanes each way. 

Merri Park

Client: City of Darebin

This project involves construction of about 800 metres of various-width shared pathways and a large sheltered picnic area in Merri Park, Northcote. The works include construction of concrete pathways and retaining wall, installation of electric barbecues, drinking fountains and water taps, general concrete works and reinstatement landscaping.

Botanicca Corporate Park External Services

Client: RMAC Australia (Grogan Richards)

This development involved the construction of 1.8m diameter, 6m deep wet well with a 100 kilolitre detention tank, associated works and 300m of rising main. Also part of the contract included the construction of 850 meters of 150mm and 225mm water main. Both the rising main and water main include 80m crossings of the Yarra River suspended on steel crossbeams beneath the bridge deck. The works were located in and around Swan Street, Richmond, requiring extensive traffic management and consideration of public safety. They included the reconstruction of road pavements and full reconstruction of colored concrete and asphalt footpaths, landscaping and hydroseeding. We also liaised closely with and gained necessary approvals from numerous bodies including VicRoads, Yarra Trams, City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, City Link, Yarra and Boroondara councils, and Citipower.

We were also awarded additional works associated with the overall Business Park development.

Botanicca Corporate Park Internal Sewer Stormwater Works

Client: RMAC Australia (Grogan Richards)

This project required construction of internal sewer and stormwater services for the Botanicca Corporate Park site.

Botanicca Corporate Park Child Care - Site Remediation and Services

Client: RMAC Australia (Project Planning & Management)

Works involved site clearing and removal of contaminated soil to EPA requirements for the future construction of a child care centre. A metered water supply and sewer outfall service were also required.

King George Reserve

Client: Glen Eira Council

The King George Reserve improvements included construction of drainage and a spoon drain around the sporting oval, minor earthworks and reinstatement of disturbed areas. Public safety was paramount due to heavy use of the area, particularly by children. This project was a good example of our environmental approach and initiative in its delivery. We commissioned a road profiler to strip off the exact section of turf required to be removed. This resulted in total minimization of damage to other grassed areas. The profiled topsoil was of such high quality that 90% of it was reused on site at the completion of works or taken away to be reused in a topsoiling application.